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Emerging Ecology is Evolving!
Just like all life, Emerging Ecology is evolving to accommodate with the ever changing world. That starts with our website! However, what isn't changing, is our goal to build mutually enhancing relationships between people and planet.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 4667 Greensboro NC 27404-4667

Emerging Ecology

Building mutually enhancing relationships between people and planet

Emerging Ecology is teaming up with volunteers and partners to roll out a network of **Eco-Futuristic Neighborhoods** across Guilford County. Think of it as a blueprint for tomorrow's living, today. We've worked with Sunset Hils Neighborhood located in District 4, showcasing a blend of innovation and sustainability that's all about a healthy way to move into the 21st-century, and will be picking four other neighborhoods from the other City Council districts. The final neighborhood will be chosen from outside the Greensboro City limits.

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