F. Nelson Stover -- cultural engineer.  Nelson has a BSc from Purdue University in Computer Science and a BDiv degree from Chicago Theological Seminary.

He conducted community development projects in India, Egypt, Australia and the US with the Institute of Cultural Affairs.  For 20 years he designed Constituent Management Systems for non-profit organizations.

He now chairs Emerging Ecology and continues writing and lecturing.  People can contact Nelson in a variety of ways.

Materials by F. Nelson Stover

The materials on this page have been prepared by F. Nelson Stover.
They do not, necessarily, express the consensed opinion of the Board of Emerging Ecology. 

Written Materials

Nelson's seminary thesis focused on the role of religious communities in social change.  Although it was written in 1970, it remains relevant today.  It is now available in digital form.

In 1988, Nelson began working on a Global Calendar as a way to create a way of celebrating within the context of an emerging universe.  Anyone wishing to join in this celebration and holiday sequence should contact Nelson.

Since first meeting Thomas Berry personally in 1994, Thomas' perspectives and insights have influenced Nelson's writings and presentations.  In 2012, Nelson and his wife, Elaine, received the Greensboro Public Library's Thomas Berry Award.  An excerpted version of Thomas' book "The Great Work" and a free, six-session study guide are available on-line from Emerging Ecology.

In 2014, Nelson completed his first book entitled "Through Three Portals:  Helping Tomorrow Unfold".  It presents a systematic approach to theology in the 21st Century.  It can be ordered through the Emerging Ecology website.

In 2009, Nelson gave a presentation at the dedication of the Joseph W. Mathews Library in Washington, DC.  Maliwada's Grandchildren details the human development journey of the ICA. The Powerpoint slides are also available in .pptx and .pdf formats

Audio Recordings

During 2017, Nelson is preaching a series of 11 sermons focused on Opportunities for liberal religious communities to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

As the sermons are delivered, they will be posted to YouTube, available on the UUs in Covenant website and by following the links below:

In 2018, Nelson's sermon series will be entitled "Our Common Journey".  The monthly sermons will focus on 12 major events in the 14-billion year journey of the cosmos and how these illumine our individual lives and collective experiences.  Each month will include two services -- one on the first Sunday and one on the third Sunday (check the UU in Covenant website to confirm dates).

Additional presentations by Nelson are available on the Emerging Ecology Worldview Salons page and on the Downloads page.

Geometric Procedures

Since 2001, when Nelson encountered the drawings of Robert L. Powell, Sr., he has been fascinated with the possibilities of using a compass and straight-edge to unlock many of the wonders of the Universe.